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Raymond, New Jersey, USA
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Dustin Gil, Toronto, Canada
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Erectile Dysfunction - A Common Issue Among Today's Men!

Erectile dysfunction (ED as we may refer to it sometimes) is a sexual dysfunction which is common among men in these modern times. This is a situation when a man can not achieve firm erections and sustain them during sex. If a man suffers from ED or impotency, he may not be able to produce an erection at all and if he manages to get it up, his penis becomes limp either before vaginal penetration or even during sexual intercourse. This makes the art of an intercourse lacking the pleasure for both partners. The causes are part psychological and part physical. By knowing how ED manifests and the factors that lead to it, you will be in the best position to also know how to tackle it and find a solution!

Things That Characterize Erectile Dysfunction

- You can not produce an erection at all
- You succeed in getting an erection but it is not stiff enough for sexual intercourse
- You achieve an erection but your penis goes limp before you penetrate or while having sex

Erectile Dysfunction - When Sex Organs Funtion Abnormally

In modern times, we have witnessed erectile dysfunction occurring to young men and it is rising at an approximate rate of 10% per year. This problem with younger men is not the result of age but due to modern life style, physical and mental factors. Such disorders may be damage to certain vital organs, changes to hormonal balances, the immune system not functioning properly and the inability to respond to sexual stimuli.

A Few Factors Which Are Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

1) The process of sexual arousal and getting a penis erection may be considered delicate and intricate. The interaction of the brain with nerves, the muscles and the blood vessels is the major mechanism. Emotion stimulation and the release of the corresponding hormones are what fuel up this interaction. When this interaction is inhibited by any factor, the man experiences erectile dysfunction.

2) As the blood influx into the two cylindrical chambers of the penis increases the penis thickens in shape and its size increases. This process makes firm and frequent erections possible. A continual stimulation of the genital area sustains the flow of blood and in so doing also sustains erections for as long as the stimulation and blood influx occur. If the flow of blood decreases it interferes with erectile functions of the penis. This also leads to erectile dysfunction.

3) An erection continues to be firm and last until ejaculation. As soon as you ejaculate the penis will no longer retain its erection and it goes back to the normal or flaccid state. Ejaculating sooner than normal is called premature ejaculation, a frequent premature ejaculation might result later on in erectile dysfunction.

4) Heavy smoking and heavy drinking are "no friends" of erectile function. Alcohol and tobacco shrink the blood vessels and make blood flow to the pelvic region difficult. Also these two factors reduce a man's sensitivity to stimulation. Gradually you start to lose erections and this is a precursor to erectile dysfunction.

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